Guaranteed Car Finance


Guaranteed Car Finance

All types of vehicles:
Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers has partnered with specialists in the funding of all types of vehicles from Saloons and Supercars to Pick-ups and People Movers.

All Types of Finance:
Our Partners are able to provide contract Hire, Contract Purchase, Hire Purchase, Sale and Leaseback agreements.

All Types of Customers:
Guaranteed Car Finance for Established Businesses, New Businesses, Business Owners, private Individuals, Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited and PLC companies.

Contract Purchase

Keep it, return it

  • Pay a negotiable deposit

  • Make monthly payments

  • Agree a final 'balloon' payment and reduce your monthly payments

  • Choose to keep your vehicle, sell it or return it

  • Ownership of your vehicle

Personal Leasing

(for employees wishing to avoid benefit-in-kind tax, and private individuals): they can make regular payments over a period of time. At the end of that period they can choose to make a final payment and keep the vehicle, hand it back with no further obligation, or use any equity in the vehicle as deposit for another one.

Lease Purchase

Lease / Credit Purchase is ideal for the more expensive car

  • low monthly payments and APR
  • no mileage contract
  • refinance the Residual Value

Hire Purchase

HP is a traditional and straightforward way to finance

  • HP is simply a loan secured against the car
  • no mileage contract
  • ideal if you want to own the car at end of contract

Finance Lease

Vehicle use without responsibility of ownership

  • Improved cash flow

  • No Capital expenditure

  • You benefit from the net sale proceeds

  • Rentals allowable against taxable profits

  • VAT reclaimable

Contract Hire

The simple risk-free option

  • No capital expenditure

  • Monthly rentals based on difference between initial price of vehicle and projected residual value

  • Rental allowable against taxable profits

  • VAT reclaimable




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