Loans for Individuals & Businesses

Loans for individuals and businesses

Worldwide Company Corporate Finance Brokers Loans, allows individuals and businesses who have assets such as real estate, cars, pensions and fine wine to borrow using those assets as security for the loan. We facilitate loans from £30,000 to £3 million.

As our Lenders are privately funded, they offer a quick and discreet service. Loan offers are usually issued on the day of enquiry, loans can be completed in a few days and no details are given to credit agencies.

Typically loan offers are made within a few hours of a completed Application Form being received and loans are completed within 1-2 weeks of the Loan Offer being made. Our process and documentation is also streamlined to ensure loans can be completed as soon as practicable with some loans completing the same day or next day.

As our Lenders are funded by high net worth individuals, the interest rates charged to borrowers are very competitive. If a borrower does receive a cheaper offer from elsewhere, we will do our utmost to beat it.

Our Lenders have facilitated many loans and have funds in place to facilitate quick commitments - if they make a loan offer then the funds will be there to facilitate the loan.

Unlike many financial institutions, our Lenders can make compromises in order to facilitate loans quickly - for example they don't need to wait for searches to be done on properties. In addition, for real estate, loans can normally be put in place even if there is a mortgage already on the property with another lender (these are known as 'second charge' or 'third charge' loans).

Our Lenders facilitate loans that use assets as security, they do not need to inform credit agencies about the loans taken out by borrowers. Borrowers with past credit issues will still usually be made a loan offer.

Wide variety of collateral can be used
Property, high value cars, fine wine, jewellery, pensions, shares as well as many other items such as antiques and objects d'art, stamp collections, timeshare units, yachts and boats. Our Lenders can also facilitate loans on overseas property with loans already on property in all parts of the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Greece and the United States.

Property Valuation
Please attach either a valuation on the properties (eg from purchase or from when the last mortgage was taken out) and/or estate agents marketing literature (again either from when the property was bought or more recently). If neither of these is available, please provide some comparables to support the valuation of each property.

Please also disclose if there are any facts that the should be made aware of that might impact a decision to lend, eg previous bankruptcy, current / past credit problems, a complex business structure, ongoing litigation, previous addresses in the last 3 years. Have you approached and/or been refused by any other lender in respect of this loan? Is so, please give details. If it is not clear from the application form, please give an overview of the loan purpose and plans for repayment.

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